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If you are a Private Mortgage Lender or Stake Holder of an Investment in Default, you might be wondering:

When is the right time to hire a Property Manager?

Follow the 4 Step Mortgage Default Process Below to Find Out:

When a mortgage borrower is 15 days late with their payment, a Mortgage Lender has the right to begin taking action towards recovering funds owed and/or the primary collateral which is the property. Lenders benefit from working with 12 Gates Property Services because of: 1) the reduced hours of legal work (billable hours) spent on Lawyers during the Power of Sale process; 2) savings on the maintenance and repair work because of our All-in-One property services process; and 3) the time saved during the entire process which helps to minimize further loss.

Real Property Asset Management for Vacant Houses Serving Southern Ontario.

 At 12 Gates Property Services, we protect properties through the entire Recovery Process and while they sit vacant with All-in-One Property Services: maintenance, restoration and presentation of residential properties, helping lenders to recover full potential value, and we do so with compassion.


Property Preservation: What We Do

Ready to get started? Let's talk about your property.

Throughout the remote meeting, we'll talk about:

Your property details and requirements

Where it's located, what condition it is in, and whether it is occupied or not?

What stage in the Recovery Process are you currently in?

We will discover where you are within the 4 stages of the Recovery Process and determined your property service needs.

Your overall objective

What is your overall objective taking into consideration the mortgage borrowers situation, your short term and long term investment goals, and what type of support will you need in the future.

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The 21 Critical Steps You Must Take to Protect Your Vacant Property.

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Meet Oseye Cohen, A.I.M.A

Property Administration Strategist 

I am an Associate Member of the Institute of Municipal Assessors, and Toronto's Expert on Vacant Properties, where I help prevent deterioration, mitigate risk and improve cash flow. Having graduated from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, from the Real Property Administration Program, along with a certificate in Real Property Assessment from the University of British Columbia, I am a Real Property Administrator and Property Manager at 12 Gates Property Services, providing preservation services. I work with independent contractors who are the best at their trade, and together we manage, maintain, and restore properties as they are waiting to be sold or tenanted.

My goal as an entrepreneur is to build positive relationships and partnerships with other like-minded investors and entrepreneurs in the Toronto and Greater Area to encourage abundant growth and prosperity in real estate. Contact me to request a free strategy call to discuss the needs of your investment property.

Connect with me:

Other Services Offered:

Short Term, Long Term, and As-Needed Services Available.

Vacant Property Management:

We look at the unique needs of each vacant property and do all that it takes to bring them to a marketable condition.

 Property Administration:

Market analysis, research, and comprehensive report writing

Mortgage Recovery:

Beginning to end processing of site inspections, reporting, maintenance, and management

Project Management:

Onsite supervision of projects and renovations.

Property Maintenance:

Repairs and restoration of the overall integrity of the property. 

Seasonal Maintenance:

Routine landscaping and snow removal services throughout the year.

Here's what my clients say

about Oseye Cohen, and 12 Gates Property Services

''Oseye at 12 Gates Property Management team works hard to ensure that their clients are taken care and satisfied. As a Realtor I need to know that I can count on things getting done properly, the first time. If things are not taken care of, it can cost me business and more importantly income. I'm happy to say that Oseye and her team do a good job. In addition to doing a good job, She's pleasant and professional. All in all, I'm happy with the services I've received from 12 Gates Property Management and that they did an amazing job!''

Norm Abel, Norman Abel Real Estate.

Toronto, ON

Robert G. Allen, 

Investment Advisor, and Bestselling Author

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